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I’m a freelance writer, editor and content producer for hire with 15+ years of editorial experience. I’m focused on technology, automation, business and transportation, but have written about many other topics. My weekly newsletter, Point A, focuses on urban affairs, cities, transit and the ethics and social impacts of technology.

I’m currently accepting new assignments and clients. I’m interested in writing and editing newspaper and magazine articles, books and B2B and B2C company blogs. 

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Tracey Lindeman is a Montreal-born, Ottawa-living Canadian journalist whose work has appeared in the Globe and Mail, Motherboard, The Guardian, CityLab, Associated Press, CBC, Vice, Mercedes Benz Magazine, Financial Post and Maclean’s.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in journalism from Concordia University and 16+ years of writing and editing experience. 

Outside of writing and editing, Tracey enjoys learning languages, travelling, strong coffee, punk rock and taking pictures of manhole covers.