When it comes to business and technology, Tracey has interviewed and written about founders and C-level executives of major companies, young entrepreneurs struggling to find their place in the marketand the world, family-business owners from boot makers to beer brewers to popsicle makers, internet pioneers and open-source protectors of the web, a genius academic whose invention could change medical testing, artisanal cigar-box guitar makers, synthetic cannabinoid creators, medical marijuana mavens and a drug dealer with legalization on his mind.

Business and tech may be her primary preoccupations, but Tracey’s a jack of all trades. In her 14+ years as a journalist, she’s also written extensively on breaking news events such as the Lac-Mégantic rail tragedy, a fatal fire at a seniors’ residence and domestic terrorism, a new lead on a possible Manson murder, Quebec gun politics, consumer affairs, people who go missing in avalanches and earthquakes, social issues like drug abuse, homelessness, women’s suffrage and neo-Nazism. She’s also written obituaries for hockey legends, an archbishop, a major (and majorly divisive) politician and a beloved heavy-metal musician. These, among many, many other subjects.

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Tracey Lindeman is a Canadian journalist in Ottawa (formerly Montreal) whose work has recently appeared in the Globe and Mail, Motherboard, Associated Press, CBC, Vice, Mercedes Benz Magazine, Financial Post and Maclean’s.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in journalism from Concordia University and 14+ years of writing and editing experience.

Outside of journalism, Tracey enjoys travelling, strong coffee, punk rock and taking pictures of manhole covers.